Saturday, October 25, 2014

My First USC Football Game!

I got to go to my very first USC football game last week! I had a wonderful time with friends, watched some great football, and to top it all off, we won! Here’s a photo recap for you:

Other than the awesome win, I think my favorite part was getting to hear our marching band play in a real halftime show. I actually get to hear them practice just about every day as I'm walking back to my car from work. Their practice field is right next to my usual parking lot, so I love to just stop and watch them practice. The sound is 10X better when you're not trying to hear it from the upper grandstands, but watching them perform in uniform was still just as cool.

Here's a video I took of them practicing on my walk home from work: I call it "My Personal Half-Time Show" :-)

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