Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fabulous Finds

Welcome to the third post in the series Fabulous Finds! If you didn’t catch the last two, check them out here and here.

This post is centered around fabulous finds related to my favorite style: Mid Century Modern. I would put every single one of these in my own apartment, granted I had unlimited funds, of course. Enjoy! :-)

1. Inspirational Retro Poster by yumalum on Etsy

This print reminds me of great subway-style art with its bold print and stark black and white coloring. This would work great as part of a gallery wall, or as an inspiring art piece in your bedroom. How cool would it be to wake up and see this every morning - it would definitely be inspiring!

2. Clover Coffee Table by West Elm

I’ve been eyeing this coffee table for a while. Even though I already have a coffee table… I just love its cool shape and unique choice of paint. And if you have a West Elm budget (unfortunately, I don’t), then you’ll be glad to hear it’s actually on sale!

3. Painted Wood Wall Art by Salvage Love

This is one painstakingly tedious, but awesomely designed piece of wall art. I love her choice of colors and unique eye for design. Who would’ve thought painting a bunch of sticks and hanging them on your wall would make such a great statement piece?!?

4. Home Sweet (Mid Century Modern) Home Print by handz on Etsy

Another great art print for your gallery wall! I am personally in love with the quote they chose and just the overall cuteness of this print. Going on my “to buy next” list for sure!

5. Ranchero Speaker by Urban Outfitters

It’s retro but modern. I love it! And the price isn’t half bad for a radio/iPod/iPhone speaker at only $99. You can’t beat that!

*I am not affiliated with any of the above entities. Just linking up to show you where you can find all of these fabulous items for yourself.*

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