Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 13: What's Inside My Fridge?

A whole lotta nuttin’. Grad student = long work hours, lots of studying in-between classes and work, and playing catch-up on housework and friends on the weekends. I cook maybe once a week and eat off the leftovers, or I resort to eating out or just cooking a frozen dinner or pizza. I pack my lunch most days, and breakfast is usually a Clif bar while I’m driving. So yeah…
  • Eggs (don’t usually buy these, but I needed one egg for the peanut butter cookies I made on Sunday)
  • Brita pitcher
  • Packed lunch for tomorrow
  • Leftover crockpot chicken and dumplings from Monday (recipe coming soon!)
  • Block cheese and turkey kielbasa (for my lunches)
  • Shredded cheese
  • Feta cheese
  • Butter
  • Partial gallon of tea
  • Random condiments
  • French vanilla creamer (for my chai tea)
  • Brita water bottles - love these for work; if I run out of water, I can fill it up and get nice filtered water anywhere
  • Refrigerated meds
Like I said, it’s not much. But I’m also not responsible for feeding a family of 4 seven nights a week. It’s just me, so any meal I do make usually lasts a while. And I have some frozen dinners and a pizza in my freezer if I’m in a pinch.

Grad student with no spare time? Single gal trying to cook for one in a recipe world built for a family of four? Please share any and all advice! 

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