Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 12: Favorite Blogs

It’s time for some Blog Lovin’! Here’s a brief intro (from their respective “About Me” pages) to some of my favorite blogs (in no particular order)!

"Wut up. Sherry and John here. We're DIY-enthusiasts, accidental authors & product designers, and parents to two kids and one moody chihuahua. Here's our little corner of the internet where we chat about transforming our house, living in it, and all the random stuff in between.

Their awesome new laundry room!

I have been a faithful follower of Young House Love for about a year now. Love their down-to-earth DIY advice, awesome home renovations, and just watching their family grow through what they share on their blog.

Unfortunately, after seven years of blogging (yes, seven!), they announced yesterday that they are moving on to new adventures. So feel free to check out their awesome archives for inspiration, but they won’t be posting anything new anytime soon.

“Hi There! I’m Jen! Welcome to this happy place of mine where I share my love for organizing paired with lots of painting, building, and crafting! I am a mom to three super sweet bright eyed boys and the wife to the greatest guy around. Life can be crazy, but it is my goal to create beauty through it all!”

Love this DIY jewelry organizer!

I absolutely love Jen, her blog, and her awesome staff! Check out her home office renovations, awesome new garage/storage space, and my absolute fav: her dressing room!

“Hello! I’m Chelsea, a twenty-something newlywed living in Indianapolis. Two Twenty One is where I share my home improvement projects, crafts, recipes, furniture makeovers, and home & seasonal decor ideas. Follow along as I try to make our home a little less cookie cutter and a lot more us.”

Great decor ideas for Fall!

Chelsea has some great home decor and craft project ideas. I am also majorly in love with her DIY wedding posts, and she can make party decorations like no one else. Go check out her blog!

"Hi I am Sarah! I’m an Interior Designer, DIYer, Graphic Designer, blogger, wife to the most amazing husband, and puppy mom to our happy, spirited Annabelle! This blog is a place for us to share our home and DIY adventures in trying to make a house our home, by getting our hands dirty and creating spaces that make us smile. I believe that with a little creativity, time and effort, you don’t need a lot of money to make your home look fabulous!”

Lots of DIY going on here!

Sarah and David are in the midst of tackling their biggest project yet: completely renovating their new home in Maryland while still living in Tennessee for David’s job! They have a great knack for recreating name-brand pieces for pennies on the dollar, and love giving new life to thrifted finds. Her newest series, titled “What Would Sarah Do?” is one of my new favorites and I can’t wait to see what she’ll "makeover” next!

“A young lady’s guide to living on the lovely side.”

Great beauty tips!

Definitely in love with this blog. Jessica has an awesome sense of style, and loves to share it with others! Anything from book reviews, outfit ideas, apartment decor, you name it, she’s got it! But don’t trust my word on it, go check it out for yourself!

“My name is Toni & I’m the creator of A Bowl Full of Lemons. I began blogging back in 2006 and started ABFOL in November of 2011. My purpose for ABFOL was to document my home keeping successes & failures for my children and anyone else who would read. I’m a wife, mother, Registered Nurse, Lifestyle Photographer and Blogger. I love what I do & I wouldn’t trade it for any other job in the world."

31-Day Purge Challenge!

ABFOL is a great resource for home organization, cleaning, recipes, budgeting tips, and so much more! They are currently working their way through a 31-Day Purge Challenge that you should definitely go check out!

Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite blogs? Which ones inspire you to do more and be more? I’d love to hear from you! 

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