Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mid-Century Side Table Transformation

I am completely in love with all things mid-century modern. Especially when you pair them with my other favorite style: black and white with bright pops of color. Since every wall in my apartment is “Apartment (No-Fun) White”, I had to improvise by adding pops of color in other ways, like in this side table.

I found this mid-century side table at my favorite Goodwill in Phoenix (it’s at Alma School and Ray in case you live in that area). Price tag? $7.00. Of course, it didn’t look this cool when I bought it.

Kind of sad, really. But I could see the great potential so I snagged it up! It had great lines, only a few scratches (easily patched with wood filler), and was just screaming for a bright coat of paint.

I started by giving it a nice sanding to help the primer stick to the “faux-laminate-something” top. Then, I gave it a good wipe down before filling in some of the deeper scratches with wood filler.

As you can see, it doesn’t really matter what color wood filler you use since you’re going to be painting over it anyway. Then, I just sanded over those spots to help the wood filler blend in with the rest of the wood. Now it was time for primer!

Nice thin coats is the key to getting a drip-free paint job, so my first coat was barely there. After three coats of primer, it was all set for paint. Here comes the fun part!

Picking out the color was by far my favorite part! And, because the side table was so small, I got away with buying just a sample of paint from Lowe's. And I still have about half of it left (after three coats of paint!) for either another project or just in case I have to do any touch-ups in the future.

So, what did this project set me back? $7 for the table, $0 to borrow primer from my mom’s stash, $10 for a new brush and roller (which I can re-use over and over…), and $3 for a sample of paint. Total = $20. Not bad at all for a retro style table in a bright, fun color.

One last before:

And after:

It's amazing what a fun coat of paint can do to brighten up a boring piece of furniture!


  1. Nice job. It's amazing what a coat of paint will do. I might have painted the legs a different colour.

    1. Thank you so much! I love how it turned out! I hadn't even thought of painting it two different colors, but I think it would look great either way. Maybe on my next furniture makeover...

  2. You have a good eye. I might have passed it given its condition. As for treatment I think I would have stained it rather than Paint. But, may be I feel that way because I have left over stain in my stash!!!
    Good job- keep up.

    Best Regards,

    1. Thank you! I love to bargain hunt, and this little piece is one of my favorite finds yet! I might have stained it had there not been so many scratches and dents in the legs (it looked like someone had let their cat use it as a scratching post...). I opted for a nice paint job and some wood filler to cover up its horrible condition. I do love the combination of stained wood with painted wood, though, and I actually did that with another piece of furniture. That post is in the works so come on back to check it out!