Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day 1: 20 Facts About Me

And we're off! Welcome to Day 1 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge!

Day 1: 20 Facts About Me

This was really fun to put together and surprisingly, pretty easy too. I even threw in 3 bonus ones so I could have 23… cause I’m 23, get it?!? I crack myself up.

1. I am NOT an early bird. Definite night owl; I may wake up early, but I won't be fully awake until after lunch...

2. I have selective OCD.

3. Chapstick is the only makeup I wear.

4. I'm a perfectionist with a procrastinator complex... One day, I will be awesome!

5. I love to read, but when I do read I want to curl up all day with a book, so it doesn't happen very often.

6. My decorating style is Mid-Century Modern. Pretty sure I was born into the wrong decade.

7. I'm not bossy: I just know what you should be doing. :-)

8. I LOVE To-Do Lists, Checklists,  and every other kind of list.

9. I love DIY, crafts, thrift shopping, etc. in case you couldn't tell by my blog title. :-)

10. My favorite way to recharge is shopping by myself. I like to just go window shopping and can spend an hour browsing a single store (or 3 hours if it's Ikea!).

11. My mom was in labor for 26 hours with me, and yes, I do hear about it constantly.

12. I have never travelled out of the continental United States, but I dream of going to Europe one day.

13. I add words (especially scientific ones) to the Microsoft dictionary just so those little red lines will go away!

14. I do not have any tattoos, and only one basic ear piercing.

15. My white Jeep Wrangler is named Hercules and I love him. :-)

16. I was the weird child that loved school, and still do. I could probably have a handful of masters and doctorates by the time I'm done.

17. I was also the weird child that loved vegetables, especially broccoli.

18. I do NOT run. If I am running, you'd better start running too because something is probably chasing me!

19. I am totally uncoordinated.

20. I was homeschooled through high school.

21. I wear a size 11 tennis shoe. My family calls them "boats”.

22. I once broke my ankle by stepping on a tennis ball. I did say I was uncoordinated, right?

23. I like my men like I like my tea: Strong, Sweet, and Southern! :-D

Well, that's me in a nutshell! Come on back for Day 2! Up Next: My Favorite Quote

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