Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Place to Call My Own

Drum roll please…..

The moment you have all been waiting for…..

"Before" Pictures!

I know. Not at all exciting. "After" pictures are way more exciting. Believe me, I want to see the "after" pictures just as much as you do! But it's kind of hard to take "after" pictures when you're not even unpacked yet…

I love having a new space to decorate. It's a blank canvas just waiting for a little bit of paint and creativity. Except for the "no-painting-your-apartment" rule (ugh!). White walls it is, then. It's a good thing I really like a white backdrop with lots of pops of color :-). I can't wait to get started! But until then, this is all you'll get, cause' it's all I've got! 

*I'm also going to apologize in advance for all of these horrible iPhone pictures. They really are all I have for pictures of my apartment right now.*

Here's the overall floor plan again. Mine is actually set up mirrored to this design, but you get the gist.


I am totally loving how they painted all of the outside doors black. It makes each door pop with the plain white/tan trim and the apartment number really stands out with its white lettering.


This hallway/entry is directly to the right when you walk in the front door. The bathroom is to the right and my bedroom is straight ahead. I would love to put up some hooks for a landing area and I have really big dreams of a giant gallery wall on the wall opposite the entry.

This section of the hallway is straight ahead as you come in the front door and leads directly into the living room. Other than a few pictures and maybe an organized mail/junk collection area on the countertop, I don't have a lot of plans for this small part of the hallway.


It's an apartment bathroom. What else can I say, really? Tan-ish/pink-ish tiled tub/shower, a basic vanity, and a 70's era medicine cabinet. Moving on…


This bedroom is really quite large, though you can't tell with my terrible pictures. This is going to be so much fun to decorate! I'm already thinking a vanity would be a good addition, and I need some nice-sized nightstands to balance the bed on that large wall. The dresser has already been moved from its position in the above picture to the wall opposite the bed to help balance things out in the meantime. Big Bonus: A walk-in closet!

Living Room

This is my great room/living room/dining room. I love all of the open space and the natural light coming in that glass door is amazing. I still need a futon (I needed something that would be primarily used as a couch, but with the option to fold out into a bed if I have guests), a large desk (mine was small and rickety so it got left behind), a coffee table, and curtains for the sliding glass door. I already have some artwork for this room but have to wait on hanging it until I have the furniture in place.

Dining Room

I LOVE my dining room chairs. I actually wish I had bought more of them but I had no idea what kind of dining room space I would have, if any. At least they're made by Ikea so I can always buy more down the road; plus having something specific in mind to buy makes a 3-hour one-way trek to Ikea more justifiable :-).

Kitchen/Laundry Room

I love my little kitchen. I have a dishwasher! And a laundry room! Woohoo!!!


Complete with screened-in porch and a storage unit to the left. All I'm missing is a rocking chair and some sweet tea.

Psst… Did you see my color-coded boxes? My moving crew (dad, mom, and uncle) loved them. Unloading the trailer was easy peasy lemon squeezy (minus the backaches caused by moving solid wood furniture into a second floor apartment…sorry, guys!). And unpacking was a breeze thanks to my handy-dandy notebook. Gotta love when a good system really works!

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